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Beachside Belly
Beachside Belly
This is a story of male weight gain. If this is not for you, please simply enjoy it as a story as a whole.
An old man with an extremely large belly slowly waddled as he pushed his cart of merchandise down the boardwalk. It was going to be another blisteringly hot day, he thought to himself as the sun began to rise. He'd been working on this beach for nearly 60 years, so he knew the weather patterns like the back of his own weathered hands.
Grunting with the effort of moving his large body, he finally stopped just outside of the local surf shop, gently fitting the wheels of his cart into their allotted slots. He wheezed a bit and wiped the sweat off of his brow. It was going to be a long day.
It took a while for the sand to heat up, and a little longer for the first stream of people to come. The old man loved this time, the time before people started clogging up the shoreline. It was so peaceful, the perfect time to reflect and simply enjoy the beauty surro
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Robin's Weight Gain
NOTE: just copy and paste it into your browser.
Go here and see the video that I made of images moving, in a beautiful, and...
Ah, that's all bs. It's Robin getting fat! YAY! And since the image was taken off, here is a video I made.
Read my journal to see how frustraited I am! :D
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Like Halloween When We Were Kids :icongamerami:GamerAmI 34 3
Adam Pt. 2
Adam walked very slowly on his way back to the dorm, head down, hands in pockets. The sun was setting, staining the sky above him the most fantastic colors, but he paid them no mind. His thoughts were only for what had just happened. He couldn't stop thinking about the way Trent had smiled at him, how confident and casual he'd been. He couldn't stop thinking about the way his eyes lit up when Adam brought him his food, and how he'd eaten every fattening bite without a second thought.
He shook himself. He was being stupid. He knew nothing about that man, though he'd been starting to wonder whether or not he was a student there too. Adam had never seen him around campus, but that didn't mean much. It was a big school and a guy like Trent was sure to run in very different circles from a guy like Adam.
He bit his lip as he entered his building and extricated his key from his back pocket. He should have started a conversation with Trent. Would that have been so hard? Maybe he could have eve
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Possessive Hunger
Possessive Hunger
Mia just purchased a new home in a small town out west. It is a beautiful home completely furnished and about 200 years old. The large rooms and doorways where unique complimenting the single floor. She was shocked at the price, but could not pass up such a good deal she works from home and rarely leaves her house for anything preferring to even buy her groceries online.
However she did not search the history of the home and may not have bought it if she had know it. The history was a rather odd one but still disturbing: The home was owned by a young beautiful woman name Percia who made the house her palace. Percia was very rich and paid servants to do her every whim, however she was oddly cruel to them. Out of vengeance the servants plotted to dethrone her by destroying her vanity, their plan was to make her very fat. The servants all knew she would never exercise or actually do anything to loose the weight, and so their plan was to succeed. When Percia was so fat sh
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Heavy Case
"Where am I?"
Linda was walking down a dark hall, until she reached a door knob and opened it. She saw a woman, who was really overweight and appeared to weigh about 600 lbs. The woman had short black hair and big plumped arms sticking out of her short green tank top, and her large stomach covering her half of her thighs, which made her butt look like a bean bag chair. The woman's black skirt was stretching to the max and the red high heel shoes made her seem taller.
    "Who are you?" asked Linda.
The oversize woman stopped eating and turned around. She had food in her hands and her plumped face with two chins had some food all over her.
"Come and join me, Linda," the woman said as she returned eating. Linda gasped as she woke up.
"That dream again."
Linda got up from bed and began getting ready for work. Linda was a 29 year old District Attorney, who weighed 115 lbs. She was beautiful woman the kind that every guy wanted. There was one problem, she was not interested in rel
:iconjettyfire:jettyfire 146 8
Sweet Punishment: Regenerating Doughnut
    The night hours of a rather empty apartment found a woman named Kristella Martins in front of an odd woman cloaked in green robes. The odd woman kept wearing such an odd smile on her face, suggesting she was making herself laugh with silly thoughts. Kristella chuckled at the silence in the area.
    "Okay, I still have no idea why you're here."
    "You're the one who called me for a private magic lesson. I'd grant you powerful magic for free, though."
    Kristella batted her blue eyes. However, despite her clear, tan skin, large breasts, and softened thighs to match her slim hourglass form, Kristella was street smart. To her, something offered for free was never good, unless it was in a store. She shook her head, and pulled out a purse.
    "I'd rather pay you--"
    The odd woman cringed. Kristella drew a curious expression on her face.
    "I don't get it. Don't you want $1,000? Isn't that how much you charge
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Eclipse Chapter 5, page 20 by kastemel
Mature content
Eclipse Chapter 5, page 20 :iconkastemel:kastemel 517 8
HAPPY LOVERS DAY by butterchuk
Mature content
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Mature content
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G.P. 10

Warning: Contains fat males, nudity, and some light sexual themes. If this is not for you, please do not continue to read. However, is this IS for you, by all means come on down!

Las Vegas, Still 10 Years Ago
“Eric’s” Place

    Well. It was do or die.

    I grit my teeth and mounted Mitchell’s motorcycle again. I knew the way back to the facility. For some reason or another I seemed to never forget directional things. Or DNA things. Or most things, really. Turning the key and squeezing the clutch, I waited for it to rev up before pressing the choke. Easing off, I shot out of the parking lot and back onto the streets.

    It was a little bit into the afternoon now. The streets of Vegas always seemed to be packed except for the strange window of about 8:00 am – 10:00 am. Now that noon had passed and the hungover drunks were just starting to wake up, the roads were starting to fill once more.

    Waiting at a light, I touched the ground with one foot in a lean. I could feel the vibration between my thighs; the soft, thrumming motor of my toy’s mechanical bicycle was comforting. However, my thoughts were whirring just as much as the blades of the fans. Why had the company said that they had called when clearly there were no missed calls on Mitchell’s phone? Was this really a trap? Were they going to be waiting for me with an army?

    The light changed and I easily balanced myself once again. A former fling had taught me to ride a few years back. Like most things, it came pretty naturally to me. It was only a few more minutes and a few more lights in the now sweltering sun before I was back at that private facility.

    Parking in the back alley again, the strong smell of hot dumpster garbage and warm asphalt assaulted my nose. For being as nervous as I was, I was surprised at how calm my heartbeat was. I let out a few calming breaths and opened the back door with a keycard from Mitchell’s wallet. Thankfully, it was the right thing to do because the door light turned green and I could hear it audibly unlock.

    Opening the sturdy door I was back near the camera room. There were about five men in black suits cluttered in the relatively small room. One was fiddling around with the camera controls, another was dusting for prints and the other two were interviewing the final stern man in a black suit. I assumed the stern man was my boss.

    The assumption was correct when Mr. Stern caught sight of me. I went to the door and stood at the frame. “You wanted to see me?”

    Mr. Stern and the men who were interviewing him stared at me. Mr. Stern broke the silence, “Yes, Mitchell. You have a lot of explaining to do. Where were you last night?”

    I tried to think of how Mitchell would act, but I didn’t know what his relationship was like with his boss. So, I just went for ‘slightly nervous employee who might’ve goofed off and is scared of being fired.’ “Uh…well…you see…” I paused and swallowed loudly. “B…Briggs said that it would be cool if I took off early so I…”

    I felt many eyes narrowing at me. Mr. Stern broke away from the men and came closer. He crossed his arms and stared down his long nose at me. Mr. Stern was an older man of about 50 or so with dark, shiny black hair that was slicked back. He was thin as a rail with gaunt cheeks and impossible to shave stubble. Perched on his protruding schnoze were a pair of light spectacles. They were those fancy ones where it was just the lenses being held to the side arms. Too fancy for me. Mr. Stern also looked very wealthy in his tailored suit and smelled faintly of a nice aftershave or maybe even a hint of cologne.

    “Briggs thought it would ‘be cool’ if you left early when he was set to go home in a half hour and you were meant to finish out the rest of the night shift? You were only in for an hour before taking off!”

    I gave a nervous smile that was half acting, but also definitely half real. “What can I say? Briggs is a generous man?”

    Mr. Stern came closer, grabbed me by the shoulder and spun around and out the door. He pushed me ahead of him and the two other mysterious suited men followed in silence. It seemed like the other…other men were staying in the room to find any evidence they could. I knew that they would find only Mitchell’s and Brigg’s DNA in there as mine was a solid nothing. Also, good luck finding any video evidence. I had destroyed that last night.

    We walked in silence down the long corridor that led back to the cell that I was being kept in. As we got closer I could hear the sound of saws on metal and a terrible smoky stink permeated the otherwise sterile air.

    “Wh…what’s going on, sir? Am I in trouble?”

    Mr. Stern gave me one more look and said, “You said Briggs was being a generous man? Well, now there is MORE than a generous amount of him!”

    With that, Mitchell’s boss dramatically opened the door to the cells and I could see two more men working with electric handheld saws on the bars of the cell. As the smoke cleared in the room, the mythical beast that I had created started to come into view. Blobby chubs of blub were sticking out between the bars and from the areas where the men had cut you could see an impression of the bars in the blob’s skin.

    I let out a horrified gasp, “What is that?!”

    Mr. Stern’s voice grew grave. “That…is Briggs.”

    I gave the men a small pause before letting out a nervous, half relieved chuckle that turned into a full laugh. “Oh. Wow. Ok. Alright, you guys are good. You got me. I was so worried that Briggs had abandoned his post and blamed me for something, but instead you all got together to play a huge prank on me.” I laughed again to sell it. “Alright, Briggs you can come out!”

    To continue the ploy I went up to the blob and poked it. “And what even is this stuff? Did you fill up a balloon with gelatin or something?” I called out, “Come on, Briggs. You got me.”

    A muffled sound came from within the cell. It definitely sounded like Briggs was trying to talk. Eek. Talk about horrifying. I continued my little stage performance and backed away slowly from the bars. “G…guys. This isn’t really that funny. I don’t even get it.”

    Mr. Stern got closer and lifted a plank that had been shoved under some of the fat. When he lifted it, the muffled voice of Briggs could be very faintly heard. “MITCHELL I SWEAR TO ALL THINGS HOLY THAT WHEN I SEE YOU I WILL TRY TO EAT YOU! HOW COULD YOU LET HER DO THIS TO ME?!”

    I widened my eyes as the men circled me again. “I…oh my God. That little girl did this to you? How is that even possible? What even happened?!”

    Mr. Stern seemed like he was buying what I was selling. At least, I hoped so. “So, again, I ask, where were you last night?”

    I put my hands to my face and wiped down slowly. I let them shake a little to show how much the event ‘horrified’ me. “This…this is nuts. I don’t even understand what I’m seeing.”

    Suit #1 gave Suit #2 a meaningful glance. Suit #1, a black man with a really nice shaved head finally spoke to me. “Listen, Mitchell Jones, we obviously are not the police. You know what you signed up for when you started working here. The paperwork that you signed explicitly stated that any and all events are to be meticulously documented. You did not fill out any paperwork stating that you were leaving early. And your negligence allowed one of our subjects to escape. You must explain your actions immediately.”

    I ran my hands through my hair and took a calming breath. I looked Suit #1 in the eyes. “Ok. This…is going to sound stupid. I…I left because Briggs wanted to…you know…have some alone time with the subject. He’s done it before and I don’t get between a man like that and his desires. Plus, it’s a win-win for everyone…Briggs covers my shift, I still get paid, and he gets to…you know…on the clock.”

    There was a long pause as even the men who were cutting the bars had stopped to listen and allow us to commune with the Blob. Now they were simply listening to what I had to say. Mr. Stern’s face grew even sterner and his thin cheeks flushed the tiniest amount. “You mean to tell me that you abandoned your post so that a senior office could copulate with one of our subjects?”

    I gave Mitchell’s face a slightly confused look. “Uh. If copulating is what I think it is, then yes, sir.”

    Suit #2 nodded at Suit #1 and they walked back to the hallway. As they left I could see Suit #2 talking into his wrist. The pair walked briskly out of earshot and I could hear their dress shoes echoing on the tiled floor.

    I turned slowly back to Mr. Stern. “Erm…am I fired, sir?”

    Mr. Stern met my eyes with his icy cold, grey irises. “Most certainly.”

    I hung my head. “I understand, sir. Do…do I need to sign some gag order paperwork or anything?”

    Mr. Stern waved his hand dismissively. “You already signed one when you started working here. There is no need for redundancy.”

    I started to leave when I turned back. “Sir…I really need this job. Please…can I keep it? I know I messed up really bad…but I don’t even understand what happened today. Plus…you’d be short only one guard instead of two…”

    Mr. Stern considered this a moment. Looking briefly at his watch, he tapped it impatiently. Finally he let out a long sigh. “You are correct. The time needed to train a new set of guards and give them all the required tests and orders…it would be an astronomical set back. We cannot be down that long.”

    I raised my eyebrows in expectation. Mr. Stern sighed again. “Yes, Mitchell. You may keep your job. However, I will require a written statement of what occurred IN DETAIL. I expect that sent to my e-mail by tomorrow evening. You are suspended for the day while we determine what to do with Briggs. As punishment for abandoning your post you will also be receiving a dock in pay by 2%.”

    I went to shake his hand and Mr. Stern limply shook it. While I was shaking, I could feel his DNA profile. Another interesting face to use for the future. “Thank you SO MUCH, sir! I won’t let you down. I’ll be back tomorrow at…?”

    “You may return at your usual second shift start time. In fact, come in at 9:00 instead to cover some of the missing day shift time.”

    I saluted and continued thanking him as I backed out through the door. I started walking down the hall and heard the saws start up again. It was probably my imagination, but I could swear the Blob was quietly screaming.

    As I got to the camera room I could see that the other men had started packing up. Suit #1 and Suit #2 were not here. I made it outside and went to put my helmet on so I could get on the motorcycle and get home to my toy. However, before I could even sit on the motorcycle, the Suits came out from the shadows.

    “Keep an eye out for the subject who escaped. Mr. Pele is convinced that she will return to the scene of the crime. We’ve heard reports that she needs a lot of energy to do what she does, so it’s highly possible that she is close to here somewhere sleeping. We need constant vigilance. As you know, this is highly classified. Do not speak of any of this to friends, family or strangers. If you do, you will lose more than your job.”

    With that, Suit #1 pretended to tip a hat to me and the pair went back inside.

    I stood there a moment longer. My heart was actually beating really fast now. I had somehow managed to convince them that I was Mitchell AND kept his job for further investigation. I sat on the bike and started her up. Readjusting, I leaned down. I was not fully convinced that they were fully convinced so I would have to keep my guard up. A small chirp echoed in my pocket and I pulled out Mitchell’s phone. As if by magic there were now four missed calls. Chalking this up to coincidence only, I turned the clutch. I had no time to worry about this…I had someone who was probably missing me.

    Arriving back at the “castle” I felt as though a weight had been lifted. I had been so worried about this meeting. It could all still be a long game ruse, but who knows? Maybe I’d learn more than them. Walking up the steps, I made it to Mitchell’s apartment again. Fishing out keys I was starting to feel like a real home owner.

    Once inside I could hear the water of the shower running. My note and the clothes had been slightly moved so it looked like ‘Eric’ had taken a pair to change into. Deciding that shower time could be fun time, I decided that I would like to explore Eric’s new body as well.

    Shifting from a twiggy boy to a humanoid mermaid, I grew out Ariel’s long red hair again. I knocked politely on the bathroom door. A small voice echoed from the room, “Ariel?”

     I opened the door and the steam came out to greet me. Standing in the too-small bath/shower was my chubby little Prince Eric. I was definitely sick of the Disney theme by now, but it was still great to see him. The water was running over his big, drooping ball of a belly and washing away all the syrup and pizza sauce. I slowly took off my clothes in a bit of a show. First, I gently tugged on the waistband of Mitch’s jeans. I showed a little hip on each side before seductively popping the jean button open.

    Shimmying the jeans down, I was left in his boxers and the t-shirt. Crossing my arms, I slowly showed my thin stomach. Running my hands down the expanse of it, I circled my belly button before pulling the shirt off altogether. My perky boobs jiggled a little from the sudden movement. Eric was practically drooling as I shook the boxers off and left myself exposed.

    I don’t think I have ever experienced the feeling of “being naked.” Since no body is really my own I don’t feel like I am exposing any part of myself. I just feel like outer clothes have been taken off, leaving just the temporary canvas behind. Eric certainly looked like he appreciated the nude form that I was currently utilizing, so at least that was something.

    After the little show I climbed into the shower behind my fattened prince. “Let me help you.”

    Eric turned around to face me and immediately kissed me. I didn’t have any time to react, but I kissed him back. It was a different kiss than the usual, desperate sex kisses I was used to getting. This kiss was full of longing, but also full of…love? I swatted that grossness away like any other time it crept into my thoughts. I did not have time for the L word.

    Pulling away from the kiss, I smiled a little. “I am glad to see you, Eric.”

    “And I you, Ariel.”

    I continued to smile as I took the body wash that he had there. Squirting a little onto the washcloth that was on the towel rack I lathered the soap up to a good amount of suds. I reached out and ran the cloth over his giant stomach. The slight give of the fat as it met my finger pressure was so tantalizing. However, he was not a pure butterball and the fat was a little hard underneath the initial layer.

    Eric’s skin was warm from the water and I basically hugged him while I reached around. My other hand was not occupied with cleaning, so it got to explore. Now that his belly was all soapy, my left thumb went to press under his belly button. I stuck it inside and pulled it out with a satisfying, “SQUORCH.”

    I did this a few times before Eric started moaning. “Mmm, keep going, Ariel.”

    Taking the washcloth, I abandoned my previous venture of actual cleaning and started to move the cottony surface over the crease in his separated belly. I made sure that I slowly moved in and out of his deep belly button with the cloth, creating more slippery suds.

    The feeling of the rough, tongue-like cloth must’ve felt amazing because Eric was practically purring like a kitten. To return the cleaning favor, Eric took the shampoo bottle off from the wall shelf and started lathering up my hair.

    As he ran his hands down my scalp, small ribbons of pleasure shot through me. His fat fingers gently massaged me and the slight bit of nails he had caught on my roots, gently reaching all the spots it needed.

    I moved on up to his right breast and ran the cloth over it. Washing the large, flaccid boob was calming. I ran my thumb over his soapy nipple as I washed and I could see it get hard. Eric moved to allow the water to rinse my hair. He continued to massage my scalp as he got the shampoo out.

    Moving me in front of him so that I could experience the water, Eric took his bottle of conditioner and began running that through my hair as well. His movements were so sensual and tender. I felt like we were moving in slow motion. After rinsing out my hair he began washing my back. Each time he got a little too close I could feel his fat belly poke into me. With a quick little motion he cleaned up my rear and spun me around again. This time HE was the one who wanted to wash boobs.

    Eric took the cloth from me and lifted up my breasts and washed under them. He ran the cloth down my flat stomach and paused at my snatch. I put my hand on his and assisted him as he ran the cloth between my legs.

    Now that I was all soapy, I got close to him again (admittedly, not hard to do with a fat man in a little shower) and rubbed myself against him. Soapy flesh met soapy flesh and Eric kissed me again. I ran my fingers through his love handles and creases. There were so many creases from all the rolls of fat.

    I lifted up his belly apron and Eric blushed. “Do…you want some help?”

    I gave him a smile and said, “Yes, please.”

    Eric shifted his arm fat and went to hold his belly up. I knelt down cautiously in the tub and took the washcloth. I cleaned really well under his folds and then slowly, sensually began cleaning his member. He was already hard from before, so it was an easy clean. Each stroke sent shivers down the flabby Jell-O around me. Eric’s belly was doing a great job of blocking all the water from the shower. It was my very own fatbrella.

    My prince was already leaking a little, so I figured he would probably appreciate the full thing. Taking the cloth again I cleaned his penis like I was rubbing a pipe. Around and around I went, stroking it slowly and every now and again tickling his taint.

    Each pull of the cloth sent a ripple down his spine. Eric moaned and tried hard to keep his belly fat up. He was ready to drop it from his building climax when he finally released. I moved out of the way as his little soldiers made their way down the drain. When he was finished, I cleaned him up once more, dripping more body wash onto the cloth.

    Eric was a pliable doll now, and I turned him around so that I could clean his back fat. Shoulders slumped in relaxation, Eric allowed me to finish cleaning him. A quick shampoo and conditioner rinse and I knew that my big boy was clean.

    I rinsed myself off and then took the shower head off to rinse my prince. Turning the water off, I smiled. Eric leaned down and kissed me again. It was one of them there L kisses and I don’t want them, no sir-ree, Bob. I still kissed back, but it was with a little personal sliver of regret.

    “I can’t wait to try on the new clothes you bought me,” Eric practically whispered.

    The silence following the end of the shower was deafening. We had shared a moment. I had never shared a moment with someone before. It was…different. I think I liked it. Eric definitely did.

     I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. I handed another to Eric and he began toweling himself dry. Taking mine, I wrapped it lightly around my waist and walked to the kitchen to get MY new clothes. I had bought a new bra, underwear and a few tops and pants. If I was going to stay here I would need a few clothes.

    Toweling myself off and cheating by getting rid of my hair, drying my scalp and then growing it back out again, I put on my new bra and panties. Huh. They didn’t fit perfectly. I readjusted some boob and butt sizes until it was a perfect fit. I must’ve missed my Ariel mark earlier when getting into the shower.

    Slipping on a new pair of jeans, I walked into the bedroom to see that Eric had managed to get some boxers on. I was impressed. He was huffing and puffing in exhaustion though, so it had been a journey. They were definitely too large for him, but they still fit. He would fill in the loose fabric soon enough. Speaking of which…

    “So, what are you in the mood for lunch today, Prince Eric?”

    Eric rested a hand on his pink-from-the-shower belly and panted. “L…lunch?” His stomach growled loudly. “I could definitely do with some lunch. How about…Chinese?”

    I smiled and took his phone from the nightstand again. Scrolling through, I found several Chinese places and even a few Thai. Mitchell had certainly been a foodie. I am glad that I could help him realize his true potential.

    “Great! I’ll have the…chefs…prepare a luncheon fit for a King.” I smiled and excused myself to the kitchen. Eric had bent down to try and grab the sweatpants I bought him off the floor. However, bending wasn’t really an option anymore, so he had to find a way to squat and grab.

    Watching with interest and a smirk on my face I placed an order with a Chinese restaurant named the Lucky Dragon. I asked for one of each dinner-sized meal and a box of eggrolls. I then ordered a pint of chow mein for myself.

    Clicking the phone shut, I returned to his bedroom. Eric pulled the tent of a shirt over his head. It was HUGE. The fact that he had so much room to grow was exciting. It was also a strange departure from my usual knowledge that I was not going to use my powers to get him there. I wanted him to become an enormous fatso on his own eating accord (well, beyond what I already did to him) so that he was so addicted to food and over eating that when I returned him back to normal he would have no choice but to endlessly gain all the weight back. Just the thought tickled my fancy.

    Eric’s arms jiggled as the shirt slid over them. Thankfully the arm holes were rather large, as this was an 8X. However, at Eric’s current size I would say he was possibly a 4X. Or even a 5. So, while it was large it wasn’t excessively so. I was also mesmerized by his moobs shifting with each tug of the shirt. Panting again from the effort, Eric finally managed to get the shirt over his breasts.

    Leaning back against his bed with his belly hanging out and panting he was adorable. I went up and rubbed his lower gut, playing with the soft fat there. His little front butt was hanging out and still a tiny bit wet from the shower. Not wanting to waste an exposed belly, I took a few squirts from the lotion at Mitchell’s bedside (which I am sure he was ONLY using for “dry hands” before) and began rubbing them into my toy’s flab.

    Eric’s breathing evened out and he closed his eyes. Spreading his legs he invited me closer. I got up next to his belly and ran my hands over the dome. Rubbing the lotion in made a few small squelching noises and again I playfully put some in his deep belly button. A little bit got caught in his belly hair as well, so I made sure that I rubbed it in fully.

    “This all feels amazing, Ariel. Thank you.”

    I let out a small, “mmhmm” and continued to work his stomach. It was such a nice feeling to feel the contrast of his slightly harder upper belly and his jelly-like lower belly. I laid down on his stomach and rubbed into the creases and underbelly. Feeling him breath beneath me gave me a fleeting memory of Jurassic Park and I laughed a little to myself. Eric said nothing as I continued to moisturize him.

    As I was moving into his fat neck folds the doorbell rang. Fantastic. Lunch time.
G.P. 10
Yay! Welcome back to the story. I haven't given up yet!
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