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G.P. 9

Warning: Contains male weight gain, stuffing, and some light sexual themes. If this is not for you, please do not continue to read. However, is this IS for you, by all means come on down!

Las Vegas, Still 10 Years Ago
“Eric’s” Place

    I was awoken by a beam of sunlight hitting my eyes. I threw my arm over my eyes to keep sleeping, but I knew I had to get up. With a small, grumpy moan I stretched on the couch. The feeling of the sheets that barely fit over the separated cushions shifting beneath me was an interesting one. My toes curled as I stretched and I shook my calves out a little. It was the best way to wake up, in my opinion.
    I had ended up on the couch because “Eric’s” tiny bed was just a twin. With his new larger self I would have been squished against the wall. In hindsight, I suppose that wouldn’t have been the worst thing to happen, but I needed to recharge. And from how I felt this morning waking up, it seemed like maybe I was getting a better handle on my powers since I wasn’t as tired as I usually was.
    I could hear loud snores coming from the Prince’s room, and I chuckled to myself. I knew my new toy would be hungry when he woke up, so it was time to find his phone and see what other food places he had saved.
    Creeping into his room so as to let him sleep, I saw that his phone had been left on the nightstand. I quietly took it and glanced back at him one more time to enjoy him. Normally I fatten people up and flee the scene. This was the first time I fattened someone and was able to stick around and take it in. Eric’s large, sauce-covered gut was moving up and down as he slept. His sheets had slipped off at some point in the night, probably unable to wrap around the huge dome. My hands were itching to go up and rub his belly, but I didn’t want to wake him before I had food for him. This was a new experiment. I wanted to train him to want food constantly.
    I took one more quick look at Eric’s chubby face. His black hair was splayed over his eyes and I felt a small smile on my face. He was my toy to fatten up. All mine.
    Still smiling, I nimbly crept around the empty pizza boxes and out of the room. I quietly closed the door. Most of the floors in Mitchell’s apartment were hard wood, and it was cold in the morning. Like most men, his house was sparse…no rugs, no decorations. Just the essentials. I didn’t mind since I hadn’t had a permanent home in maybe five or six years. Not since I fattened up Ben and fled home.
    Pushing those memories aside, I started looking through Mitchell’s phone. I was pleased to see that he actually had a lot of food places saved. It looked like there were three different pizza places, a Chinese place, Thai, Italian and a 24-7 Diner. I figured the diner was my best bet since those places usually had pancakes and waffles all day.
    After calling and speaking with them, I was delighted to hear that Mitchell’s credit card was ALSO saved here. I could have went and stolen a credit card or some cash, but this made things so much easier. I gleefully thought about how much he was going to just destroy all the food I ordered for him. Last night he had been a whirlwind tornado. He actually finished all of the pizzas. I was very impressed and knew that I would have to try a little harder to fill him up.
    The food delivery would take an hour, so I looked around the apartment. It was a mess. With a sigh I started to clean up the place. I made a huge pile of all the old take-out garbage he had before he met me and actually did the dishes. The place was starting to come together. I had given the driver instructions to knock quietly, so when I heard a gentle rapping at the door I went and gathered the food.
    The delivery boy was cute, maybe 18 like me. He had sandy blonde hair that fell over his eyes. He also had a slight belly that was stretching out his shirt. I had to remind myself that I already had a toy. But the desire to just run my nails over his gut was certainly strong.
    I was less impressive looking this morning, so the delivery boy didn’t give me a second glance. That was fine. I signed the receipt and took in the four bags of food. Before I closed the door, the boy said, “Wait…are you going to eat that all yourself?”
    I merely smiled and said, “Thanks again!” While closing the door on him. I didn’t have time for forced pleasantries. I had a man to feed.
    The smell of syrup and bacon started to fill the apartment and I heard the creak of a now stressed mattress spring in Mitchell’s room. A few heavy footsteps went to the bathroom. There were a few long minutes and then a flush of the toilet. Since he was up, I knew that I had to change back into Ariel. With a few small shivers, my hair grew out and turned red while my face shifted to hers.
    I was starting to open up the multiple Styrofoam boxes on Mitchell’s “dining room” (which was connected to his living room) table when I heard his door creak open.
    Eric sauntered in, just barely fitting in the doorframe. He was rubbing his gut and sniffing. He hadn’t had time for a shower, so there was still a bit of the sauce and cheese on his large belly. Each step that he took the lower part of his stomach jiggled gently. Now that it wasn’t packed with food, it stopped being a perfect sphere and was separated into two horizontal halves. The lower belly was also starting to split down the middle as well, forming an almost butt in the front. Eric’s t-shirt still just covered his moobs and nothing else, leaving his belly deliciously exposed.
    His gait had changed as he was getting used to his wide self. To account for the swing of his gut he had to step out widely. His huge thighs were also rubbing together so he looked like he was waddling. It was a wonderful visual for me, and my eyes just drank him in.
    Eric was breathing heavily when he reached the table and sat down with a sigh. The chair creaked in protest from his girth, but it held. He was pretty far away from the table due to the size of his paunch, but that was fine.
    “Good morning,” I said brightly, smiling at him.
    “Mmm, morning, Ariel.” Eric replied, his voice husky from just waking up and now deeper due to the ring of fat around his neck.
    “The chef made you breakfast this morning! I didn’t know what you liked, so I ordered everything! We have French toast, Belgian waffles, pancakes, toast, hash browns, omelets, donuts, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, grits, oatmeal and of course,” I paused, opening two of the last Styrofoam boxes, “bacon.”
    The last two boxes were filled to the brim with bacon alone. Eric’s stomach let out a deep rumble. I gave it a soft pat, placed the first box filled with pancakes on his gut and drenched it in butter and syrup. “Eat up!” I said, giving him a fork.
    Eric did not need convincing as he started to lightly carve into the doughy cakes. He was not as ravenous as last night, and took more petite bites. I wasn’t sure if this was an attempt at being polite, or if he wasn’t hungry.
    “What’s wrong, Prince Eric? Is the food not to your liking?”
    After chewing the piece and swallowing, a faint blush started to form on his chubby cheeks. “I don’t want to look like a pig in front of you, Ariel. Last night I was like a beached whale.”
    He rubbed his gut again and shame flashed behind his eyes. “I’m now bigger than anyone I’ve ever known. Briggs included.”
    I cupped the right side of his chubby face with my hand. It was nice to feel the cool softness beneath them. I looked right into his eyes and said, “You’re more beautiful to me now that you were before, Eric. And I want you to enjoy your largeness. I want you to feel like you can eat with abandon. I want you to savor every flavor. I want you to plow face first if you have to into piles of food. Don’t eat polite to please me. I am more pleased to see you enjoy your food.”
    A light flashed behind Eric’s eyes and I swear I saw a small mischievous twinkle. “And if I did eat without a care? Would you…be willing to clean me up?”
    I liked where this was going. I returned his mischievous twinkle with an impish grin. “It would be my pleasure.”
    After that Eric started to really dig in. Syrup started to drip onto his belly as butter and grease dripped onto his too small t-shirt. He reached and pounded forkful after forkful into his waiting maw. Seeing so much bacon go into his piggy face was really turning me on. After a while he abandoned the fork and started ripping the waffles up with his hands and dipping them into more syrup. They had been beautiful before with strawberries and whipped cream delicately placed on top. Now they were a destroyed mess that mostly made it in his mouth and partially made it on his shirt.    
    Eric made many moaning noises as he ate, sounding as if the experience was also sexual. It was hard for me to know, since his manhood was covered by his ballooning gut. I went to the omelet in one of the boxes and picked it up. It was still pretty warm, but it wasn’t too hot to the touch. Eric opened his mouth obediently and I forced the first half in. He took a few moments to chew and swallow and had the tiniest moment for a breath of air before I shoved the rest in.
    This was fun. I had never done anything like this before. Usually I just fattened someone up using my shifting powers and that was it. The idea that all this fattening food was going into his body and all the calories would be added to his frame really got me going.
    I reached for the oatmeal pint. I used all the side packets of brown sugar that they gave and stirred it in. Eric was still greedily grabbing at all the food in front of him. When he finished off the pancakes, I leaned up next to him. With one hand pressed into his hard stomach, I told him to lean back. Eric tilted his head back and I started to pour the oatmeal into his mouth. It was sloppy and a bit splashed about.
    I made sure that I got everything out of the pint and then went up close to his face. I licked the oatmeal next to his lips and traced the curvature of his cheeks with my tongue. When I got close to the lips, I kissed him deeply. He tasted sugary sweet from all the syrup and brown sugar, but I could also taste the bacon. He was delicious.
    I backed off after a few minutes so that he could keep eating. As he ate, I rubbed his belly so that he had more room. He still had four boxes, one of which was a half dozen of donuts. The other three were a box of hash browns, the scrambled eggs, and the fried eggs. I noticed that he was slowing down. He was getting full. I sneakily made his stomach a little larger on the inside so that he had more room. Eric could sense the room in his stomach and quickly slurped up the two boxes of eggs. The hash browns went a little slowly, so I put some ketchup on them. That seemed to help.
    Finally it was just the donuts left. Eric’s stomach rumbled again, this time from being incredibly full. He moaned and rubbed his stretched out gut. It was solid as a rock and his belly button was starting to stick out.
    “I don’t...*huff*…I don’t think I can eat the donuts, Ariel.”
    I smiled and rubbed his stomach. “Nonsense. If you’re a prince you deserve the best. And these donuts were made just for you! How will you ever be king-sized if you just give up?”
    Eric moaned again, and his arms fell to his sides. “I can’t do it. I’m just too full.”
    Using my extra strength that I always kept, I turned his chair towards me and away from the table. Eric’s eyes held a little fear for the first time when he saw my determined gaze.
    “You’re eating the donuts, Prince Eric.”
    He gulped and looked incredibly pained. Finally, after a few moments, he dejectedly opened his jaw…his fat chin sinking into his thick neck. I smiled. “Great!”
    Taking the first donut I shoved the whole thing in. It was just a chocolate glazed, so it shouldn’t have been hard to eat. Eric closed his mouth and chewed slowly, almost painfully. After several minutes he swallowed. “See! If you can eat one, you can eat one more.”
     “No…” Eric said softly.
    I took the next donut, a long vanilla crème éclair and held it by his mouth. “Open.”
    Closing his eyes, Eric obediently opened his mouth again. I shoved the first half of the donut in and the crème leaked out the side of his mouth. He took a long time to chew, but opened his mouth for the rest. Finally, he swallowed. His breathing was becoming more and more labored as his body dealt with all the food packed into his gut.
    Using my index finger I swiped the leftover crème and forced him to eat it. He sucked it off my finger and groaned. I took the next donut out of the box, a cinnamon twist, and pointedly stared at him. Eric shook his fat head, his cheeks wobbling. “Please, I can’t…”
    I raised my eyebrows and he finally caved, opening his mouth. I forced the whole donut in and watched him slowly chew again. I massaged his belly in an attempt to help with digestion. I didn’t alter anything in his body with my powers, I just gave a very deep tissue massage. It took about five minutes for the donut to disappear. “See! You’re halfway there!”
    Eric’s stomach let out a deep grumble once more. He squinted in pain and panted as he tried to catch his breath. His hands were massaging his stomach again and he looked beyond full. The skin was actually shining and I knew that it probably couldn’t take much more. I decided to let him off the hook…for now.
    “Alright, Prince Eric. You did really well. We’ll save the rest of these for later.”
    The relief in Eric’s eyes was instant and he let out another forced sigh.
    “Here, let me get you back to bed. You can digest and take a nap.”
    Eric did not seem to have the strength to stand, so I enhanced my own already enhanced strength a little more. I hooked my arm under him and essentially carried him back to his room. Thankfully it was a short walk since he was barely able to shuffle as it was.
    With a loud creak, Eric was in bed. His stomach was shooting straight up and was almost perfectly round. The little black hairs on his “happy trail” were statically sticking up and I could see little goosebumps on his cold skin. That reminded me that I would need to get my toy some larger clothes.
    “You did such a great job, Eric! I will reward you by personally seeing your royal tailor and ensuring that you have clothes that fit when you wake.”
    Eric merely groaned in response. His eyes were already half shut from the approaching food coma. I went back to the kitchen and brought in a chair. Sitting down, I massaged his belly for a while. When his eyes finally closed, I sent little sleep markers through his DNA. It would help him sleep through the digestion so that it wasn’t as painful. I also slowed his metabolism down so that he would put on weight faster. When I felt him slip into REM sleep, I tapped his rock hard belly twice and stood up. Time to find Mitchell’s credit cards.
    Looking around his room I found his wallet relatively easy. It was just under the bed, probably having fallen out from his initial fattening adventure last night. A quick little personal change and I was now looking like Mitchell did before he became fat Eric. Thin, gangly, pock-marked face. The most forgettable face. Poor kid.
    I rummaged around the room and found some clean clothes of his. Tucking the wallet in my back pocket, I then closed the door and went back to the kitchen. I pocketed the phone as well, and found his motorcycle keys. I took the helmet off the end of the table and left the apartment. Time to go shopping.

    It was actually an interesting feeling…going out and shopping for my new toy. I almost felt like a loving wife. “Oh, that’ll look cute on him. Wouldn’t he look darling in this? I hope this fits him.” I decided to buy things in 8XL since that was the largest that they had in this particular store. I figured it would be too big, but I knew that he was going to grow fast. I bought several shirts and multiple pants…all of which just had elastic waistbands. Also managed to find some big boxer shorts that should fit.
    The only time I got some slightly raised eyebrows was when I actually purchased the clothes, but otherwise there were no issues. The best part of having a stolen credit and being me is that I can look like the person in the ID. Most people don’t ask though, so I was disappointed when the cashier didn’t even question me. Ah well.
    As I was about to head back to Mitchell’s place, his phone started ringing. The number was saved as “Work” so I answered. “Hello?”
    “Mitchell! Where the hell are you?! We find Briggs turned into a human blob and you mysteriously gone! Also, what happened to the subject?! We’ve been trying to get a hold of you all night! Get your ass back in to work for a debriefing!”
    I was silent for a moment. Had they really been trying to get in touch with him all night? Maybe he had bad reception in his apartment. But…didn’t we make two outbound calls? My stomach knotted a little. Something didn’t seem right.
    “Oh, hey. Sorry! My phone has really crap reception. I didn’t even see the missed calls until just now. What are you talking about with Briggs? He’s always been a human blob, ha.”
    “Mitchell Jones you have to return to work NOW. We need to know what happened.”
    “Oh, sure. Sure. I can swing by. I’ll be there in an hour.”
    The man on the other line did not even offer a goodbye so I clicked the phone shut. All of the video evidence had been destroyed, so I could tell them that I had left early since Briggs wanted his way with “the subject.” I was still uneasy about the phone call thing. Did they know that I had gone home with Mitchell? That I was fattening him up? That I was pretending to be him? My paranoia meter was going off the charts and I knew that I just had to head back to my new temporary home.
    I parked the motorcycle back in Mitch’s spot and carried the two bags of clothes up to his apartment. I weighed in the options: going back to the facility would maybe be going into a trap. If they knew about me, and how my powers worked they might be waiting to ambush me and take me who knows where. However, if they believed my story about leaving early I might be able to convince them that “the subject” had fled and destroyed the evidence. I might even be able to get more information about Paradigm and where my blood was taken.
    I twisted the key in the lock and heard the comforting sound of Eric’s snores from behind his door. He’ll have to sleep while I go into work as him. I found a loose piece of paper and a pencil and wrote him a note detailing that I was going out to the beach to be closer to my family for a little bit. I let him know about his new clothes and how he would grow into them.
    I left the bag of clothes with the note on top of the table where he’d be able to waddle out and see it. With a small sigh I picked up the helmet again and decided to head back to Mitchell’s work. I would have to be extra careful and scope out the place before going in.
    I did not want to be someone’s experiment.

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

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G.P. 8

Warning: Contains male weight gain, female breast expansion, and other oddities. Please do not read if you are not into said things. However, if you ARE into those things…enjoy.

Still Las Vegas, Still 10 Years Ago.
Five Minutes After Breaking Out of The Private Hospital Holding Cell

I finished Briggs’ burger and gave a loving pat to my mirrored gut. It gave a soft, welcoming return jiggle and I smiled as a small burp surfaced. Briggs must’ve loved the fat life. Not that I can blame him…considering everything that I do to others.

I continued walking through the private hospital, looking for my little Disney boy, Mitchell. If anyone knew whether my blood had been sent on to the government or not, he would. Well…I hoped he would, considering Briggs was now just a human blob whose flesh was pressing into the prison bars and probably not able to tell me much.

I rubbed my/Briggs belly and enjoyed how the uniform rubbed against the white undershirt. His stomach was really sensitive, and each brushing up sent tingles down to my privates. Something about being asleep longer really drove that part of me home. It was almost like I was a Fat Vampire who feed on fattening people up. And I was hungry.

The hallways were incredibly bland, with their traditional “off white” coloring that apparently is supposed to reflect cleanliness and sterility. There actually wasn’t even any of the usual crappy artwork on the walls. This little private hospital obviously did not care.

I continued peeking into locked doors when a thought struck me. If this was a private hospital, where were the other doctors? Patients? Anyone? Also, why didn’t I have an IV in my arm if I was out for a week? Were they lying? Was I really out for a week? Was this even a hospital?

I squinted with purpose into the rooms to see if I could make out any medical equipment. So far just a lot of examination rooms with a single reclining chair in each. I started to feel uneasy.

“Hey!” A voice called out. I looked up and was relieved to see that it was my Disney boy, Mitch.

“Hey yourself.” I grumbled in my best Briggs impression.

Mitchell was peeking around a door at the end of the hall, a few doors ahead of me. He must’ve seen me on a monitor in what I was assuming was their security booth.

“You’re finished with her ALREADY? What was that? Five minutes? New record for you, fat man!”

“That’s not what your mom said last night.” I fired back.

Mitchell flushed and I finished waddling Briggs’ big body into the security room. I saw all the monitors, including the one looking at this current hallway. So yes, theory correct. Yay me.

I made a big show of flopping heavily into the chair that I could tell was Briggs’ from the deep indent. I let out a few deep breaths, as any heavy man would do, and then silently observed the room. Only one entrance, a few file cabinets, eight monitors and just enough room for the two of us and a mini fridge.

Mitchell opened the fridge and grabbed himself a Coke. He then paused, grabbed another and tossed it to me. I caught it easily and toasted the can to him ceremoniously then cracked it open and sucked it down. I actually hadn’t had anything to eat or drink in more than a few days besides Briggs’ burger so I was not surprised at how incredibly refreshing it tasted. I then noted that even internally that sounded like a Coke ad. I smiled, in spite of myself.

Trying not to look hurt, Mitchell casually said, “So…she any good or nah?”
I raised my eyebrows at him. “Like you said, it was only five minutes. And here’s a spoiler: it wasn’t my fault. Sleeping Beauty just conked right out again and was fast asleep. Must be narcolepsy or something. And I didn’t feel right bangin’ a sleeping chick. Too close to necrophilia for me. So I just finished up and left that mess alone.”

“Mmm. Narcolepsy. That’s an interesting term. Is that another word for…ALIEN?!”

My eyebrows raised further and then I looked at the screen that Mitchell was pulling up. All of it had been recorded. You could see me stand up, beckon Briggs over and then fatten him up. Then you see me leave the cell, put on Briggs uniform, and transform into him. It was the first time I had seen it all from this angle, so it was incredibly interesting. However, I could understand Mitchell’s extraterrestrial conclusion. What I didn’t understand was how he was taking this so calmly.

“What? Nothing to say? Still going to treat everything as a lie?!”

I looked at Mitchell and without saying anything, I melted back into the mousy, forgettable girl form. However, I didn’t stay flat-chested, I gave myself a bit of a bust advantage. This was temporarily lost though, because I was swimming in Briggs’ uniform.

Mitchell let out a yell/squeak and jumped back into the computer console. “JESUS CHRIST! WHAT ARE YOU?”

I stood up and Mitchell scrambled back again, finding that he was continually hitting the console in this small room. Nowhere to go but the one door out. And Mitchell was seriously considering that door.

“If you leave now, you’ll never know.” I said softly, in a sultry voice.

Mitchell paused and turned to look at me again. His eyes were wide and wild like a frightened horse and there was obvious sweat on his forehead. I smiled and started to make my lips fuller, my hair longer and blonde, my cheekbones more defined and my eyes almond shaped with long lashes.

Mitchell sputtered for a moment. I did not take a step towards him because I did not want to frighten him away. I needed more information from him first.

“Who do you prefer, Mitchell?” I said, smiling seductively. “A bit of Rapunzel?” My face formed more into a similar version of the Mandy Moore animation in Tangled. I let my hair grow and glow softly.

He said nothing, but was completely stunned. “Maybe a bit of Jasmine?” My voice switched to hers as I changed the hair black and gave myself what would be the realistic version of Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin.

Still no response. My voice became higher pitched, and more girly. “How about Ariel?” My hair changed red as a swirl went over my forehead. I became his very own Little Mermaid…but still with human legs. That got a huge response and Mitchell came right over.

“Ariel was always my favorite.” His voice was soft, and his eyes no longer held fear, but enchantment. He still seemed hesitant, so I figured now was the time to use these feminine wiles. I slowly unbuttoned Briggs’ uniform, each button more tantalizing than the last. I gave a few moans between them and I noticed Mitchell getting a little tight in the zipper area.

All that was left was Briggs’ white undershirt, and I was figuratively swimming in it. Ironic. I started to lift up the shirt to reveal my Little Mermaid tummy, but Mitchell was one step ahead and ran his hands under the shirt. Again, I am not sure how my seductive center seems to work, but it gets guys in a trance like nothing I’ve ever seen any other human do.

He began rubbing my stomach and tracing the slightly muscular outline. Mitchell’s hands were soft. Incredibly soft. Shaking a little, he worked his way up. “I wish you had on the sea shells. That was always my fantasy to remove those…”

I gave an apologetic smile. “Sorry. Shapes only. Clothes get…a bit scary.”

Mitchell nodded like he knew what this meant, and his hands roved further north. I looked him in the eyes and said, “Would you tell Ariel a secret?”

Completely focused on the notion of touching Ariel’s boobs, Mitchell was not entirely listening to what I was saying. “Yeah, sure?”

I let out her signature giggle and Mitchell grew rock hard. “Do you know what’s red like my hair? Blood! And do you know if they ever send any blood away from here?”

Mitchell had reached my breasts and cupped one in each hand. He played with my nipples and was completely lost in bliss. “Blood? No. We don’t send anything away. We don’t even take blood. We’re not actually a hospital or anything.”

This was interesting, but I wasn’t sure how well his sex-addled brain was processing information. He also was a security guard and not a doctor, so he probably didn’t know what happened here.

I ran my hands through his hair and giggled again. “If it’s not a hospital, then what is it, silly?”

Mitchell’s hands were going crazy on my boobs. I didn’t really feel anything because I was so focused. He let out a sigh, “I don’t want to talk about boring work when I have you, Ariel.”

I smiled and looked into his eyes. “But…Mitchell…I just want to be a part of your world.”

Those were apparently the magic words, because his eyes glazed over. “What do you want to know?”

“Tell me about this place, Mitchell. I think it’s neat. It could make my collection complete.”

Mitchell blushed deeply and his hands started moving up and down my sides. “This place is called Prismatech. It’s a small company owned by a few of the casinos. When people make big mistakes in the casinos they’re brought here. Then they decide if they want to turn them over to the police or FBI depending on how big the mistakes were.”

“…mistakes?” I asked.

“You know, stealing from the casinos, counting cards, trying to hack systems…”

My expression grew puzzled. “Well, what about that little girl they brought in who slept for a week? Sleeping Beauty? What mistake did she make?”

Mitchell let out a small, drunken giggle and his hands went to the boobs again. “I always wished your boobs could get bigger.”

I sighed, but played along. “Instead of my voice, the sea witch cursed me to having growing boobs! She figured I would never get the prince if I could barely stand!”

My boobs started inflating in his hands and Mitchell nearly lost it right there. “OH MY GOD.”

Living out the teenaged fantasy of a twenty-something year old. Eh. As long as he was happy. “So…Sleeping Beauty? What did she do?”

Mitchell nearly creamed himself as he felt my boobs grow even bigger. “Sh…She broke into a room at the Excalibur. They have been making security a big deal, so they wanted to know how she did it. But she’s been asleep for a whole week so they think that there might be something else going on. Like she was just planted there by someone else. Like she might have a secret…”

Mitchell was starting to lose the spell as he began to mull over that the secret was that she was a shapeshifter. So I blew up my boobs even bigger. They were so large that they were lifting up Briggs’ white t-shirt. That caught Mitchell’s attention. He immediately buried his face in the giant honkers. They were well past the usual measurements and I could care less. But again…as long as Mitchell was happy.

“So they never took her blood?” I asked in Ariel’s voice.

A muffled voice came between my breasts. “Oh. They did. I lied. But I can’t lie to you, Ariel. I love you too much.”

I ran my hands down his back seductively, but my eyes darkened. “And I love you too, Mitchell.”

“Call me Eric.” He said, his voice husky.

I mentally rolled my eyes. But then I had a thought. I could make this fun for me too.

“I’ll call you Eric…but I have a secret Eric. While you always wanted my boobs bigger…I always wanted YOU bigger.”

Mitchell paused. “Like…like my dick bigger?”

I smiled. “No, silly! All of you! Like Briggs…but bigger.”

Mitchell looked a little uncomfortable. “I don’t know…”

“How about if I make you look like Eric?”

The young man looked up at me, his eyes twinkling. Apparently this had been some weird secret fetish of his. “Then I would say yes. No hesitation.”

I was already using up a ton of energy today. Shifting myself several times, shifting Briggs…and now I had to doubly shift Mitchell here. Well, it was important. I just hoped I wouldn’t pass out for a week again.

I caressed my hand down Mitchell’s face and gave him jet black hair like Eric. I made his eyes bright blue and tried to match his features in what the real world approximation would be. Mitchell climbed off of me for a moment and examined himself in one of the blank monitors.

“I’m beautiful.” He said, tears in his eyes. “I’m…Eric.”

I stood there with my humongous boobs jutting out. The white t-shirt was just covering them, and the bottom ridges of the breasts were starting to show. I slowed that train down. No need to make myself helpless. “I can change your voice to his too. The sea witch gave me a spell to do that.”

‘Eric’ became incredibly excited. He had been a thin, gangly kid before. But now he was a chiseled, defined man with great eyes and hair. He wouldn’t be chiseled for long though. He got close to me again and said, “Please!”

I touched his throat and changed his vocal chords to match the voice actor from The Little Mermaid. Doing this all from memory was pretty tough, but I felt that I was nailing it. I had a weird sense for remembering characteristics of people. I guess that came with the power.

Mitchell tried his new voice out. “Hello. Hello. Hell-oooo.”

I smiled sweetly again. “Hello, Eric.”

The newly dubbed Eric turned to me and his eyes were twinkling with pure joy. “Hello…Ariel.”

It was as if all his dreams had come true. Yes, yes. Yada yada. “So…Eric my love…can you tell me what they did with Sleeping Beauty’s blood?”

“Blood, blood, blood. All you care about is blood! What about me?!”

I ran my hand down his newly muscular chest and Eric shuddered. “I care deeply about you Eric, that’s why I am asking. Sleeping Beauty is actually a witch in disguise! I need to find her blood so that I can make a potion to kill her! She’ll try to hurt you otherwise, and no one can hurt my prince!”

The notion seemed to invigorate Prince Eric and he nodded with purpose. “Yes. Yes of COURSE! That’s what the doctors were saying too. They took her blood a lot of times, and each time they couldn’t figure out why it was so different. It must be because she was a witch! So I overheard them saying they were sending it to some wizards in Paradigm…wherever that is. OR whoever that is.”

Finally. I had my answer. Jesus, that took forever. I supposed I could have some fun with him now….even though I was starting to feel tired already.

“Now you remember our deal, Prince Eric? I get my boobs big for you, and make you look like a prince…and I get to make you…a big more fun sized.”

Eric was distracted from the two giant, watermelon sized breasts attached to my chest so I figured: what the hell.

Though Eric was a ‘prince’ now, he was still in a security uniform. And I thought: well, here comes a little déjà vu. I maneuvered around my huge tits, and shrank them down a little so I could actually see what I was doing. Then I placed my hand on Eric’s new washboard abs. I was about to twist clockwise to begin the weight gain when an alarm went off. Uh oh. I think someone discovered Blob Briggs.

“Hey, Eric. Why don’t we go back to your place? We’ll have more room to have fun there! And no one will interrupt us!”

The alarms started to shake my spell on Mitchell and he shook his head, as if clearing it. “My…place?”

I went full throttle on my Ariel charms and giggled again. “Come on, Prince Eric. You can’t leave me here on the beach. We need to go see your castle! Then you can show me all your dinglehoppers!”

Mitchell sank right back into Eric and grinned his new pearly whites at me. “Of course! You also need to meet my chef! And my manservant Grimsby!”

I didn’t know The Little Mermaid to that incredible detail, but I assumed that the manservant was a character from the movie…not his actual manservant. But my smile stretched into desperation as I heard a lot of shouting at the far end of the hall.

“We should go now, Prince Eric!” I smiled wider.

Eric nodded and grabbed his coat from the locker in the room. A quick glance at the security monitors showed that whoever sounded the alarm was not headed here yet. I did not want to press my luck, and I DEFINITELY did not want to get in a firefight.

Painfully slow, Eric fished around for his keys in his jacket pocket. As he was rooting around I went to the security console. Using a few skills I’d picked up over the years, I searched around for where the digital copies were stored of today’s recordings and deleted them. A quick look around at the console and I saw where the physical DVD’s were burned. I ejected the one for today as well and broke it in half. Then I tucked it in Briggs’ uniform pocket. I turned around and Eric was still slowly getting his things together. He then grabbed a motorcycle helmet and took my hand, leading me to the back door.

Thankfully the noises were still at the far end of the hall, so we were in the clear. I had disabled the cameras for the rest of the day as well, so there was no chance of it recording our getaway. Even if it did, the sight of Eric and Ariel from The Little Mermaid might raise more questions than answers.

Out the back door, past the dumpsters, and onto Eric’s little red crotch rocket, we clambered on. “Sorry, I only have one helmet…”

Desperate to just get out of there, I smiled and gave another forced giggle. “That’s ok, silly! I am a mermaid! We have magic to protect us! Let us away to your castle! I can’t wait to meet your manservant, Grillby!”

“Grimsby. His name is Grimsby. But I am sure he’ll love to meet you.” He put his helmet on and fired the engine up. I thickened my skull in case delusional Eric here got us in an accident, and then leaned in close and held his waist. A quick adjustment and we were off.

Holding on to Mitchell’s waist, I considered fattening him on the go. It would be fun to give him a bit of a beer belly. Or a nice little Princey Pooch. But my energy was actually really drained. I had been doing too much. At least I knew where my blood had been taken to…well, sort of. Paradigm. Sounded like an internal company, nothing that I had heard of before. I would probably have to do some research, or see if Prince Eric here had any more information.

My long red hair was whipping in my face, so I closed my eyes and leaned on Mitchell’s back. It was nice to rest a little. I sighed, wondering how I could have been so careless as to get caught. I shouldn’t have stayed in the hotel. Especially not the same hotel where I had shifted someone. I mentally scolded myself for a moment. Childish. Stupid. And though I was forced to grow up a bit faster than others, I sometimes felt the sneaking suspicion that my powers let me be incredibly selfish and childish.

Before long we were at Mitchell’s apartment complex. I figured a security guard would not be making bank…and I was right.

“My castle.” Eric gestured. Well, apparently the delusion had cemented itself. Mitchell must’ve been on the verge of sanity to begin with…since I’d never seen my seductive charms last this long.

“It’s so wonderful, Eric! Let’s go inside!” I had reduced my boobs to a modest D cup, or the motorcycle ride would have included non-stop airbags the whole way. I was still in Briggs’ uniform pants and white shirt, and since I was running out of energy I hadn’t thickened my skin, so I was actually rather chilled from the ride. Though the desert is warm in the day, at night it gets pretty damn cold. The whipping wind had not helped either.  

“Of course! Of course! Grimsby, attend to the carriage please!”

I looked around. There was no one else in the lot. Deciding not to pretend to introduce myself to an invisible person, I merely followed Eric into his apartment. He lived on the third floor, sandwiched right in the middle of the seven total stories. Seven stories? Seven Dwarfs? Great, now I had Disney on the brain.

The familiar clinking of keys rattled as Eric fumbled around for the correct key. Once inside, I was again not disappointed. A small TV, pizza boxes and laundry everywhere, a teeny tiny kitchen with just enough room to open the fridge door, a bedroom just beyond that, and I assume a bathroom connected to the bedroom. What a castle.

“Welcome to my humble abode! The chef will prepare dinner shortly, and then we can dine and you can tell me all about what it is like being a mermaid!”

Humble indeed, I mused to myself. “Yes, Eric, that’s wonderful! How about while we wait for supper, I give you a little preview of what your new body will look like?”

Eric pouted again. “But I don’t WANT to be a big fat guy!”

I smiled, “Yes, you do! You just don’t know it yet! Once you feel how sensual it is to be so heavy you’ll wonder how you ever lived before!”

“Can…can I at least take a before picture? So I can compare?”

“That’s a GREAT idea, your Highness! Do you have your phone with you?”

Eric fished around in his pocket and handed me his phone. It was a Razor, nice. These things were all the rage right now. I flipped the phone up and got into camera mode. I was familiar with the new technologies, being the sticky fingers that I was. “Say dinglehopper!”

The new Prince said nothing as he leaned against his counter, posing.

“Want one with your shirt off?” I asked gently.

He nodded and took his shirt off. I whistled in appreciation; I had done a number on him. His abs were clear cut with a nice swimmer muscle tracing down to his crotch. His pecs were super defined and when he flexed a little, everything went into model mode. I snapped a few pics and couldn’t wait to turn those abs into flab.

“Before we begin, let me alert my chef that we will be ready for dinner soon.” Eric said.

I looked around again and noticed the incredibly sparseness of the apartment. There was definitely no one else here. Eric held his hand out and I realized that he wanted his phone back. After hitting a single number on speed dial, I heard a familiar script.

“Hi, I’d like to place an order for delivery.”

I smiled. He was calling for a pizza. “Order four more than usual, your Highness. I have a feeling that you’ll be wanting them.”

Eric blindly agreed. “Yes, I’d like 5 large pizzas. Meat Lovers. Order for…Mitchell…”

Upon saying his name, Mitchell started to snap out of it again. I ran my hand over his abs and smiled a twinkling smile in his eyes. I almost threw up as I gave another Ariel giggle. Glancing down at me, he recovered himself. “45 minutes? That’s fine, I’ve got time to spare.”

After clicking the phone shut, Eric retreated to his bedroom. He slipped his white t-shirt back on and sat on the bed. “So…how do you want to do this?”

I loved that he was being so docile and submissive. “You just sit right there. I have a great idea. You can be my new toy for a few days! You’ll get reeeeeeal big, eat a ton of food, and I’ll shrink you down enough to move, then do it all over again! Before long, you’ll be huge on your own and you won’t want to stop!”

Eric again looked dubious. He ran a hand under his shirt and felt his abs one last time. “Can…can you make me like this again when you’ve had your fun?”

I hadn’t considered anything like that before. I only selfishly considered myself and left the fattened boys to their devices. But then a thought occurred. “I’ll turn you back into your regular self…if you tell me everything you know about Paradigm.”

Eric’s face lit up. “That’s a deal!”

Suddenly he looked really excited. “It could be cool to have a big belly…I’ve always been really skinny, and it’s been hard to gain weight. But if I get to go back to being like this, then it will be fun to experiment!”

“Yeah!” I giggled and silently laughed. I would get him used to eating too much food. Tons of junk food and pizza and fast food. Even when he goes back to being Eric, he’ll still be fat inside…and blow right back up. And I hoped I’d be there for all of it.

“Now, lean back for a moment. Let me excite your fat cells.”

Eric obeyed, a little giddy. He leaned back in his bed, propping himself up against his pillows. This was a weird situation…someone who was willing to get huge. It almost felt like having sex with a virgin in a way. Their giddy excitement of the unknown was contagious. I placed my hand under the white shirt and felt those abs one last time. Then I twisted gently to the right and activated the fat sequencing. His fat cells would start replicating at a fast rate. I slowed them down so that he would gain slowly. I wanted him fat, but not immobile.

The prince squirmed and smiled widely. “I feel funny. It’s like my stomach is bubbling.”

No one had ever described it to me either, so I was fascinated. “Oh yeah? What else does it feel like?”

He closed his eyes. “It’s amazing. It’s like a warm feeling is spreading all over my body.” Placing his hands on the small bulge that just fit under the cups of his hands, he flushed. “Oh…I can feel it starting.”

Both of us stared at the tiny bulge. Eric lifted up the shirt a bit and ran his hands under the forming ridge. He looked at it, gave a tiny jiggle to the little bit of flab and closed his eyes. “Play with it. It feels amazing in my hands, but probably feels better in yours.”

I had to agree. His stomach was inflating a little more and he looked like he had put on maybe 15 pounds. I used both my hands and cupped it around the tiny starter belly. It was warm and soft. I ran my thumbs in circles under his belly button and he curled his toes.

“Shake it. I want to feel it jiggle!”

“There isn’t much here to jiggle…yet.” But I obeyed. I moved my hands back and forth, shaking the little mound. There was a tiny bit of a jiggle and Eric laughed.

“It feels so amazing! Is any other bit of me getting fatter?” He asked.

I reached under the shirt and his impeccable pecs had fattened into little mounds as well. “Well, you’re on the road to a lovely pair of hooters.”

Eric bit his lip, and his hands went to his stomach again. “Just keep touching me! It feels amazing!”

I smiled and went to his forming breasts. I rotated my thumbs over his nipples and it took an incredibly short time for them to harden. I grabbed at his chest and jiggled it as well. Eric let out a small moan.

“Go back to my stomach. I think it’s bigger.”

He was right. He looked like he had put on a good 50 pounds. His belly was definitely a potbelly.

“Here, sit up. I want to see your little belly rest in your lap,” I said. Eric struggled a bit with his new body and laughed. When he was sitting up, his stomach just started to push out past his chest. He was becoming a cute little butterball.

Eric cupped his hands under his belly and shook it. It was big enough now that his hands no longer touched when they grabbed it. His cheeks were also puffing up a tiny bit, and love handles were definitely taking shape. I could also see a bit of a bubble forming on his butt. Without taking instruction, Eric unbuttoned his pants. The belly spilled out even more and he gave it a firm pat.

I knelt down on the floor and caressed his belly. Eric leaned back a little on his hands. “It just feels so good! Don’t stop!”

I did little tickling motions, as if my fingers were playing an invisible piano. I gently massaged his gut, drawing from the outside in. I grabbed his love handles firmly and gave him a nice shake. His belly was a bowl of Jell-O now, and shook for a moment after I was done with it. Eric couldn’t help himself, and he laughed again.

I got closer to the growing belly and sniffed it. It smelled like man scent…a bit musky, clean, maybe a hint of the woods. It was also radiating heat and felt warm to the touch. I stuck my nose in his deepening belly button and he jumped a little, surprised from the contact.

“Woah! What are you doing down there?”

I didn’t answer as I let my tongue out. I gave a small swirl around his belly button with my nose, then retreated and let my tongue in. Eric jumped again with that.


I noticed that his voice was getting deeper and I laughed. A quick glance at his face showed his puffier cheeks and the hint of a second chin forming. I went back down to the belly button and stuck my tongue in. I darted in and out a few times and then licked the ridges. I gave a small nibble to the edges as well and I felt the shudder go through his fatter body. His stomach was now seated in his lap and was getting rather large. I would say he had put on about 150 pounds. His breasts had started to sag and his t-shirt was lifting up, covering about 80% of the belly.

I then gave a big lick, starting at the bottom ridge of the belly. The fat was very soft, and I flattened my tongue to cover the most area. Eric was in pure bliss. I could see that he was getting hard as well, so I shook his belly a little to tease his cock. I sucked a bit on the fatty bottom of his belly and Eric moaned again.

I leaned back for a moment to take him in. He was definitely gaining some weight. His arms were fatter, he had a lovely second chin, his boobs were larger and the nipples were hard and showing through the way too tight t-shirt. The shirt was now lifting up so much that it barely covered the top crest of his now enormous belly. I would say he probably weighed about 350 pounds.

“Keep…going…” He huffed.

I let out a small tsk, and pressed him against the wall. His legs parted to make way for his growing gut. I climbed up and straddled him, taking his belly between my knees. Eric’s bright eyes widened and I started gyrating on his belly. His eyes fluttered in bliss and another moan escaped him. I could feel his bulk expanding beneath me.

I leaned in and kissed his fat lips. Eric’s breath was exasperated and desperate. He looked too cute. I grabbed his moobs and gently flicked them up and down, hefting them as if I were an ancient salesman testing the weight of a bag of gold. “You’re getting quite big, you know.” I said coyly.

Eric nodded, and his second child pressed into his fat neck. “Oh. I know. It feels like nothing I’ve ever felt before.”

With another hip thrust, I continued to ride his belly. It wasn’t too long before I felt that I was rising up a bit too much. When his t-shirt was no longer even covering the bottom of his boobs, I knew that it was time to stop. I rubbed the top of his belly counterclockwise and the expansion stopped.

Eric huffed and puffed. “Wait. Is it…is it done?”

“Yes, Prince Eric. You’re fat enough for today.” I flashed a mischievous grin.

“Oh!” He continued to breathe deeply. “I…I was ready…for more.”

It was so cute how his fat jowls were muffling his speech a little. The double chin wrapped all the way around his neck to his ears, pressing them forward a little. If I had to guess, I would say he was about 450 pounds.

“Could…could you get off me so I can examine myself?”

I nodded and hopped off his belly, giving it a loving pat.

Eric struggled to sit up, flailing his fat, jiggling arms in an attempt to counter balance his new fat frame. After a few moments I went over to offer a hand, but he held his up to me.

“No…I…I want to do it.”

I nodded in respect and backed up, admiring the multiple directions the flab was jiggling. His belly was truly monstrous and parted his fat thighs. I wanted to pinch it some more, but I knew that would have to wait for later.

Finally, Eric managed to get the swing judged correctly and managed to get himself in a sitting position. He was sweating like a hog and breathing incredibly heavy. I gently went up to him and pulled his shirt down as much as it would go. It just covered his moobs, but nothing else.

After a few moments of catching his breath, Eric’s new sausage fingers went to touch his belly. He gently squished them in and closed his eyes. He went to reach for his belly button, but had a hard time getting to it. I gave it a small poke and he opened an eye, smiling at me.

Just as he was about to say something, the doorbell rang.

“Oh! The pizza!” He said, his jowls quivering. He attempted to stand up, but fell quickly back on his fat ass. I gave his belly a loving tap.

“It’s ok, Prince Eric! I’ll talk with the chef and have your meal brought to your room. After all, you are a prince! No need to go mingle with the commoners!”

Eric laughed. “Yes, of course! How right. You’re the best, Ariel.”

With that, he leaned back against the wall again. He was still in a seated position, and his belly forced his legs apart. He continued to caress his gut, a mystified look on his face.

I went to the door and the pizza guy looked incredibly confused. “You’re not Mitch.”

“Well spotted.” I said dryly. “I’m the new girlfriend. What do I owe you?”

The pizza guy took a moment to recover. I remembered again that I had larger than average tits and rolled my eyes. Finally, he seemed to find himself out of lala boob land. “Oh! You don’t owe anything. Mitch has his credit card on file. We charge it when he orders. Just sign the receipt.”

I nodded and signed it. That would be handy for all the meals coming his way. I smiled. “Thanks a lot.”

“No, thank you.” The pizza guy said. I rolled my eyes again and closed the door. Hefting the five large pizzas, I brought them into the Prince’s Chambers.

Eric was patting his stomach contently when he perked up at the smell of pizza.

“I know me some fat guys, and I know what gets them going,” I said through a smile.

“I’ll have you know that I am not some fat guy. I am a pampered prince. And you’d best remember that.”

I feigned shock. “Of course, your Majesty. How rude of me. Now, let me get you started on your first pizza. I am in desperate need of a shower, and I’ll be back. When I get back, this first pizza better be gone.”

I rested the pizza on top of his belly and I could see Eric salivating. He wasted no time in picking up the first slice. He expertly folded it in half and began chomping away. I smiled and then found my way to the bathroom.

Once I went through the age old conundrum of “how to work someone else’s shower” I stripped down. I caught a glance of myself in the mirror and nearly gagged. Had I really left my tits that huge? I shrank them down to a more manageable size and shortened my hair to a boy haircut. There was no way that I was going to wash all that red hair.

Halfway through scrubbing my flat stomach I heard a loud, “FWUMP!”

I turned the shower off for a moment. “Eric? Is everything ok?”

I didn’t get a response so I stepped out and toweled off. I remembered to return my hair to normal, but the boobs were staying B cups. I cautiously opened the door, expecting the worst. But then I laughed when I saw that Eric had fallen off the bed to get to the other pizzas. He was lying on the floor like a slovenly Greek god, dangling pizza after pizza into his waiting maw.

He let out a loud burp and continued eating. “Hey, save me a slice or two. I’m still pretty hungry!”

I was still just wrapped in a towel, but I lunged at him, cradling his belly and laughing. HE continued eating, but said between bites, “Better hurry then! Because this Prince has a KINGLY appetite.”

I laughed again and jiggled his cheek affectionately. I rolled off of him and took a slice from an unopened box. It was incredibly greasy, but really satisfying. One was more than enough to fill me up. But I watched with fascination as Eric continued to pound slice after slice in.

“Maybe…maybe try making a pizza sandwich? Put three together and eat them to save time?”

Eric let out a note of agreement and stacked three slices. He continued to pound through them. I stood up and started searching the room. There was a dresser that had a few boxer shorts and t-shirts. A quick sniff test and they smelled clean. I threw the towel off and got changed. Eric didn’t even notice. I smiled.

He was going to be easy.
I have long since moved on from the fiasco with the now (surely) infamous Deviant Admin Flame War, and decided to write a new journal entry.


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